Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miles, Times, Units, Services (MTUS) Indicator Field of CMS 1500

Miles/Times/Units/Services (MTUS)

Miles/Times/Units/Services (MTUS) count and MTUS indicator fields are on Part B Physician/Supplier Claims. These fields are documented in the CMS National Claims History Data Dictionary.

Standard systems are to put MTUS count and MTUS indicators on all claims at the line item level.
The purpose of the MTUS Count Field on the line item is to document additional information reflecting certain volumes related to indicators. In most cases, the value in this field will be the same as in the Service Count Field on the line item; however, for services such as anesthesia the field values will differ. In this case, the service count field will likely contain a value of 1 for the occurrence of the surgery while the MTUS Count Field will contain the actual time units that the anesthesiologist spent with the patient in 15 minute increments or a fraction thereof.

The purpose of the Miles, Times, Units, Services (MTUS) Indicator Field is to indicate what the value entered into the MTUS Count Field means. There are 6 indicator values, as follows:

0 - No allowed services
1 - Ambulance transportation miles
2 - Anesthesia Time Units
3 - Services
4 - Oxygen units
5 - Units of Blood

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