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Provider specialty code

Nonphysician Practitioner, Supplier, and Provider Specialty Codes

The following list of 2-digit codes and narrative describe the kind of medicine non-physician practitioners or other healthcare providers/suppliers practice.

Code  Non-physician Practitioner/Supplier/Provider Specialty

15       Speech Language Pathologists
32       Anesthesiologist Assistant
42       Certified Nurse Midwife (effective July 1, 1988)
43       Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
45       Mammography Screening Center
47       Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF)
49      Ambulatory Surgical Center
50      Nurse Practitioner
51      Medical supply company with orthotic personnel certified by an accrediting organization
52      Medical supply company with prosthetic personnel certified by an accrediting organization
53      Medical supply company with prosthetic/orthotic personnel certifiedby an accrediting organization
54      Medical supply company not included in 51, 52, or 53
55      Individual orthotic personnel certified by an accrediting organization
56      Individual prosthetic personnel certified by an accrediting organization
57      Individual prosthetic/orthotic personnel certified by an accrediting organization
58      Medical Supply Company with registered pharmacist
59      Ambulance Service Supplier, e.g., private ambulance companies, funeral homes
60      Public Health or Welfare Agencies (Federal, State, and local)
61      Voluntary Health or Charitable Agencies (e.g., National Cancer Society, National Heart Association, Catholic Charities)
62      Clinical Psychologist (Billing Independently)
63      Portable X-Ray Supplier (Billing Independently)
64      Audiologist (Billing Independently)
65     Physical Therapist in Private Practice
67     Occupational Therapist in Private Practice
68     Clinical Psychologist
69     Clinical Laboratory (Billing Independently)
71     Registered Dietician/Nutrition Professional
73     Mass Immunization Roster Billers (Mass Immunizers have to roster bill assigned claims and can only bill for immunizations)
74     Radiation Therapy Centers
75     Slide Preparation Facilities
80     Licensed Clinical Social Worker
87     All other suppliers, e.g., Drug Stores
88     Unknown Supplier/Provider
89     Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist
95     Available
96     Optician
97     Physician Assistant
A0    Hospital
A1    Skilled Nursing Facility
A2    Intermediate Care Nursing Facility
A3    Nursing Facility, Other
A4    Home Health Agency
A5    Pharmacy
A6    Medical Supply Company with Respiratory Therapist
A7    Department Store
A8    Grocery Store
B2     Pedorthic Personnel
B3     Medical Supply Company with Pedorthic Personnel
B4     Rehabilitation Agency

NOTE: Specialty Code Use for Service in an Independent Laboratory. For services performed in an independent laboratory, show the specialty code of the physician ordering the x-rays and requesting payment. If the independent laboratory requests payment, use type of supplier code "69".


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