Friday, July 2, 2010

Electronic loop for patient name, id, Sex, Birthdate of cms 1500

Item 1a*    Enter the patient’s Medicare HIC number whether Medicare is the primary or secondary payer.

Use the number shown on the Medicare card.


2010BA    NM101    Insured or Subscriber
    NM102    Person
    NM108    Medicare Identification Number
    NM109    Medicare Primary Identifier

Item 2*

Enter the patient’s last name, first name and middle initial, if any, as shown on the patient’s Medicare card.

Use the name as it appears on the Medicare card.


2010BA    NM103    Last Name
    NM104    First Name
    NM105    Middle Name

Item 3

Enter the patient’s eight-digit birth date (MM/DD/CCYY) and sex


2010BA    DMG02    Birth Date
    DMG03    Gender

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