Tuesday, July 6, 2010


To expedite the handling of paper claims, we would like to offer these few suggestions:

· Some claim forms come with an attachment piece on the bottom of the form. If the form is perforated on the bottom, please remove the attachment in your office before mailing.

· Many providers use CMS-1500 forms that are attached as they run through a printer. To speed the handling of these claims, please burst them before mailing.

· If you have an attachment to a claim, please staple the attachment behind the claim. This will ensure the right attachment is kept with the right claim.

· One vs. multiple-paged claims: If you have a multiple-paged claim, do not put the total on each page. You must place the total on the last or final page of the multiplepaged claim. If you put a total on each page, Medicare will consider the page a stand-alone claim. Also, if you have attachments (e.g., operative notes) for a multiple-page claim, it is especially important not to total each page of the claim and then attach the operative notes. The claim will be separated in our office, and most likely, your operative notes may get attached to the wrong part of the claim. Remember, on multiple page claims, place the total on only the last page of the claim and then the attachments and staple together.

· If you file both non-assigned and assigned claims, please send your non-assigned claims in a separate envelope than your assigned claims.

· Do not print any information on the top portion of the CMS-1500. This space is needed for Medicare to place the Internal Control Number (ICN).

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