Sunday, September 26, 2010

Submitting paper claim - clean claim - tips

Correctly Completing Paper Claims

In an effort to educate all providers who routinely or occasionally submit paper claims on the correct
way to complete the CMS-1500 claim form, NAS’s Optical Character Recognition team is launching
an ongoing campaign to clarify the instructions for completing this form.

Noridian Administrative Services uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) equipment to process
CMS-1500 claim forms. Due to this method of processing, it is extremely important that all
providers/suppliers submit claim information correctly.

OCR Tips

OCR tips for successful completion of the CMS- 1500 claim form are:

• Extraneous data may not be printed, handwritten, or stamped on the form.

• Corrections may be made with white correction tape only. Do not use correction

• Corrections may not be handwritten.

• Do not use hand stamps except for signatures.

• Do not use highlighting on the claim form.

All claim information is reviewed when processing claims.

• When using carbon forms, send only the original or top copy.

• Trim forms carefully only at the perforations. Narrower margins cannot be scanned.

• Noticeably thin paper cannot be used (onion skin).

• The claim should be clean, without smudges or discolorations.

• Post-it® notes should not be attached to the claim form. Only necessary documentation
should be mailed in with the claim.

• The claim form must measure exactly 8 1/2” x 11”.

• Do not submit claims with zero charges.

• Printers that print slashed zeros should be adjusted to print unslashed zeros.

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