Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to report Medigap information on cms 1500 Item 9d

Medigap Benefits, Insurance Plan/Program Name, PAYERID Number Enter the nine-digit PAYERID number of the Medigap insurer. If no PAYERID number exists, then enter the Medigap insurance program or plan name.

If the beneficiary wants Medicare payment data forwarded to a Medigap insurer under a mandated Medigap transfer, the participating provider or supplier must accurately complete all of the information in items 9, 9a, 9b, and 9d. Otherwise, the Medicare carrier cannot forward the claim information to
the Medigap insurer.

NOTE: The configuration of the PAYERID is alpha numeric and up to 9 digits. NAS assigns five digit alpha numeric or numeric PAYERID numbers rather than nine digit numbers.

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