Monday, April 25, 2011

Medicare supplement claims submission - BCBS

Medicare Supplement Claims

Medicare Supplement claims should be filed initially to Medicare with BCBSF indicated as the
supplemental carrier. Medicare will usually automatically crossover claims to BCBSF for any applicable
deductible and coinsurance amounts. Claim information will not be crossed over to BCBSF until after
Medicare has processed the claim and released it from the Medicare payment hold.

After receipt of the Medicare Remittance Notice, review the indicators to identify whether the claim was
crossed over directly to BCBSF.

• If the indicator shows the claim crossed over, Medicare has submitted the claim to BCBSF and the
claim is in progress. You do not need to take further action. The 835 (electronic remittance) record
can also carry the secondary forwarding information.
*  You will receive payment or processing information from BCBSF after we receive the Medicare
payment. Please allow 45 days from the primary payment date for the processing of the
secondary claim.

• If the claim did not crossover automatically, then file the claim to BCBSF with the Medicare
Remittance Notice attached. It is important that you allow 45 days after you receive the Medicare
Remittance Notice before filing the Medicare Supplement insurance coverage claim.

Participating Medicare Select providers have agreed to accept the Medicare allowed amount as paymentin-
full for covered services.


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