Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anesthesia claim submission - 24 G filed on cms 1500 and loop 2400 SV104

Reporting requirements for anesthesia services

• One of the CMS-required modifiers (AA, AD, QK, QX, QY, QZ, G8, G9 or QS) must be used for anesthesia services reporting.

• For electronic claims, report the actual number of anesthesia minutes in loop 2400 SV104 with an “MJ” qualifier in loop 2400 SV103. For CMS-1500 paper claims, report the actual number of minutes in Box 24G with qualifier MJ in Box 24H.

• When medically directing residents for anesthesia services, the modifier GC must be reported in conjunction with the AA or QK modifier.

• When reporting obstetrical anesthesia services, use add-on codes 01968 or 01969, as applicable, on the same claim as the primary procedure 01967.

• When using qualifying circumstance codes 99100, 99116, 99135 and/or 99140, report the qualifier on the same claim with the anesthesia service.

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