Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Maternity care billing TIPS - Twins, physician changing


Coding CPT guidelines for reporting prenatal care and delivery services apply. Bill the global obstetrical package or the antepartum, delivery, and postpartum components as  appropriate per Medicaid NCCI guidelines.

Delivery Delivery is part of the global maternity package and should not be billed separately if the global package is billed. If the beneficiary is seen for fewer than seven antepartum visits, delivery and postpartum care should be billed separately. Use appropriate CPT guidelines.

Global Service The global maternity package should be billed if the beneficiary is seen for seven or more antepartum visits with delivery and postpartum performed by the same physician or physician group. The provider or group may choose to bill the antepartum, delivery, and postpartum components separately as allowed by Medicaid NCCI editing.

Multiple Gestation For twin gestation, report the service on two lines with no modifier on the first line and modifier 51 on the second line. If all maternity care was provided, report the global maternity package code for the first infant, and report the appropriate delivery-only code for the second infant using modifier 51. If multiple gestation for more than twins is encountered, report the first delivery on one line and combine all subsequent deliveries on the second line with modifiers 51 and 22. Provide information in the remarks section or submit an attachment to the claim explaining the number of babies delivered.

Physician Change During Antepartum Care

If the beneficiary changes physicians during the antepartum care (other than physicians within the same group), use the appropriate maternity CPT codes and guidelines for the services performed. The global package should not be billed by either physician regardless of the number of antepartum visits provided.

Postpartum Care Postpartum care is included in the global maternity package and in the global surgical delivery period when the services are provided by the same physician or physician group. When the postpartum exam is performed by a physician not billing the global package or performing the delivery, the postpartum exam may be billed as a separate service.

Prenatal/Antepartum Care

If the beneficiary receives fewer than seven but greater than three antepartum visits, use the appropriate antepartum CPT code. Individual E/M codes should be used when three or fewer antepartum visits are performed.


When billing for medical services provided to the newborn, providers must use the newborn's Medicaid ID number, except if the delivering physician performs the newborn care and circumcision during the mother's inpatient stay, the delivering physician may bill for the newborn care and circumcision on the same claim as the delivery under the mother's Medicaid ID number.

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