MaineCare Contact Information: Address, Phone, Email, and More

MaineCare, the health coverage program for Maine's vulnerable populations, provides essential services and support to those in need. If you're looking to get in touch with MaineCare or its related departments and services, it's important to have the right contact information at your fingertips. In this article, we will provide you with the address, phone numbers, and email contacts for various departments and services associated with MaineCare. Whether you're a member, a healthcare provider, or someone seeking assistance, this information will guide you in reaching the appropriate channels.

Contact Information for MaineCare Departments and Services:


On the contact page, you can find the mailing address of MaineCare. The address is as follows:

Department of Health and Human Services

Office of MaineCare Services

11 State House Station

442 Civic Center Drive

Augusta, ME 04333-0011

Phone / Email:

1. Office for Family Independence:

The Office for Family Independence is a key department responsible for managing MaineCare. To contact them, you can call 1-855-797-4357. For TTY users, please dial 711.

2. Consumers for Affordable Healthcare (CAHC):

CAHC offers support and information on affordable healthcare options. If you need assistance, you can call 1-800-965-7476. For TTY users, dial 1-877-362-9570.

3. MaineCare Member Services:

If you are a MaineCare member and have inquiries or need assistance, you can reach MaineCare Member Services at 1-800-977-6740. TTY users can dial 711 Email

4. Pharmacy Help Desk:

For inquiries related to pharmacy services and prescriptions, you can contact the Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-866-796-2463. TTY users can dial 711.

5. Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP):

If you have questions or concerns about Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP), you can call 1-800-977-6740. TTY users can dial 711.

6. Third Party Liability:

For matters related to Third Party Liability, contact the dedicated team at 1-866-796-2463. TTY users can dial 711.

7. Transportation Brokers:

If you require transportation services and need to get in touch with transportation brokers, refer to the Transportation webpage for a list of brokers Transportation webpage.

8. Provider Services:

Healthcare providers can contact Provider Services by email or by calling 1-866-690-5585. TTY users can dial 711 for assistance Email.

9. Provider Enrollment:

For matters related to Provider Enrollment, you can contact the Gainwell Provider Enrollment Team at 1-866-690-5585, Option 7. Alternatively, you can email the Enrollment email box

10. Provider Relations:

If you have specific inquiries or require assistance from Provider Relations, refer to the Provider Relations Staff Assignments (PDF) for a list of specialists based on policy.


When it comes to contacting MaineCare, the official contact page serves as a valuable resource. By visiting, you can find the mailing address, phone numbers, and a contact form to reach out to the appropriate department or individual. Whether you're a MaineCare member, healthcare provider, or have general inquiries, the provided contact details will help you connect with MaineCare efficiently.

Remember, MaineCare is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of eligible individuals and families in Maine, and their contact information ensures that you can access the support and information you require.


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