cms 1500 paper claim, font, size

Medical Billing Fonts: Branding & User Experience Guide

If you are not billing electronically, consider it! However, when you bill on paper, follow these tips when completing your CMS-1500 forms:

The font should be:

• Legible (Change typewriter ribbon/PC printer cartridge frequently, if necessary. Laser printers are
• In Black Ink
• Pica, Arial 10, 11 or 12 font type
• CAPITAL letters

The font must NOT have:

• Broken characters
• Script, Italics or Stylized font
• Red ink
• Mini-font
• Dot Matrix font

Do NOT bill with:

• Liquid correction fluid changes.
• Data touching box edges or running outside of numbered boxes (left justify information in each box).
Exception: when using the 8-digit date format, information may be typed over the dotted lines shown
in date fields, i.e., Item 24a.
• More than six service lines per claim (use a new form for additional services);
• Narrative descriptions of procedure, narrative description of modifier or narrative description of
diagnosis (the CPT, Modifier or ICD-9-CM codes are sufficient);
• Stickers or rubber stamps (such as “tracer,” “corrected billing,” provider name and address, etc.);
• NHIC’s address at top of the form;
• Special characters (i.e., hyphens, periods, parentheses, dollar signs and ditto marks).
• Handwritten descriptions;
• Attachments smaller than 8 1/2 x 11.

The claim form must be:

• An original CMS-1500 printed in red “drop out “ ink with the printed information on back (photocopies are not acceptable);
• Size - 8½” x 11” with the printer pin-feed edges removed at the perforations;
• Free from crumples, tears, or excessive creases (to avoid this, submit claims in an envelope that is full letter size or larger);
• Thick enough (20-22 lbs.) to keep information on the back from showing through;
• Clean and free from stains, tear-off pad glue, notations, circles or scribbles, strike-overs, crossed-out information or white out.