Printing ICD 10 CMS 1500 claims - which field ?


21 (A-L)
Diagnosis or Nature of Illness or Injury

At least one Required
Enter the appropriate ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM codes (up to 12).
Enter the primary diagnosis in 21(A). If applicable, B, C, and other diagnosis in 21 (A-L).
Always enter the entire diagnosis code including the decimal point.
Enter a 9 for ICD-9-CM or a zero for ICD-10-CM codes in the ICD Ind. field.
Note: External Cause of Injury/Morbidity codes are not billable as the primary diagnosis on CMS 1500 claims.


Diagnosis Pointer
Required if diagnosis code in block 21 is present
Use A-L for the corresponding diagnosis code entered in field 21.

24H (unshaded)
EPSDT Family Plan
Required if applicable
Not required unless applicable. If the services performed constitute an EPSDT program screen, refer to the instructions for EPSDT claims in the provider handbook.