Facility hospice claim billing - revenue code 0651, 0658 - 0659

Facility hospice claim billing - revenue code 0651, 0658 - 0659


Use UB 04 form

* Admission Date: Include the admission date for hospice care.

* Inpatient Respite Care: "Occurrence Span Code" - include occurrence span code M2 and complete the "from and through" dates for an episode of inpatient respite care.

* Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA): "Value Codes" - include value code 61 in the value code field and report the CBSA number. Hospice claims must be reported with a valid CBSA code based on the location of the beneficiary receiving services.

* Use the Revenue Codes listed below:

Revenue Code Description

0651 Routine Home Care I

0652 Continuous Home Care

0655 Inpatient Respite Care

0656 General Inpatient Care

0657 Physician Services

0658 Other Hospice I (Room & Board)

0659 Other Hospice Service – Facility Innovative Design

Supplemental (FIDS) Bed

* To bill for room and board in a nursing facility, licensed hospice long-term care unit, or Ventilator Dependent Care Unit (VDCU), use Revenue Code 0658. Providers must bill their customary room and board rate and Medicaid pays the usual and customary rate or the Medicaid fee screen, whichever is less. Room and board is reimbursable on the day of discharge if the discharge is due to resident death or the resident is discharged from hospice but remains in the NF. NOTE:

To ensure proper payment for a beneficiary in a VDCU, the VDCU provider identification number must be on the Hospice Membership Notice (DCH-1074). When a beneficiary resides in a VDCU/Dialysis Unit under which the VDCU has a special agreement with Medicaid and elects hospice, a prior authorization (PA) number for hospice is not required.

* To bill for room and board in a nursing facility when the beneficiary resides in a Facility Innovative Design Supplemental (FIDS) bed, use Revenue Code 0659.

* Revenue Code 0657 Physician Services requires inclusion of a HCPCS code on the claim line. Each Physician service must be billed on a separate claim line.

* Revenue Code 0652 Continuous Home Care must be billed for each date of service on separate claim lines. To receive the Continuous Home Care rate under code 0652, a minimum of 8 hours1 of care, not necessarily consecutive, in a 24-hour period is required. Less than 8 hours is reported under code 0651. A portion of an hour counts as an hour for this determination.

* Hospital Leave Days must be billed using Revenue Code 0185 (must not exceed 10 consecutive days). Reimbursement is at 100 percent of class-wide Nursing Facility Hospital Leave Day rate for qualifying facilities.

* Therapeutic Leave Days must be billed using Revenue Code 0183 (must not exceed 18 total days for the year) or Revenue Code 0189, Therapeutic Leave Days, for a beneficiary in a Facility Innovative Design Supplemental (FIDS) bed. Reimbursement is at 95 percent of Nursing Facility rate for leave days.

* Hospice services are reimbursable for day of discharge if services were rendered, regardless of the setting in which the services were provided. (See first bullet for instructions regarding room and board.)

* When billing for a hospice/NF resident who has been approved for complex care, bill revenue code 0120 and include the assigned PA number in F.L. 84, as obtained from the NF.

The Michigan Medicaid program, including Medicaid Health Plans (MHPs) and MIChild, as well as CSHCS, covers hospice care for children under 21 years of age concurrently with curative treatment of the child’s terminal illness when the child qualifies for hospice as described in the Hospice Chapter of this manual.

Hospice services and curative treatment are billed and reimbursed separately under this policy. Prior to billing, it is important that providers differentiate between services that are palliative and therefore included in hospice reimbursement, and those that are curative and separately reimbursable under Medicaid. Each child’s circumstances will need to be taken into consideration when making this distinction. Caution should be taken to avoid billing both the hospice and Medicaid for the same service as this represents double billing and may constitute fraud.


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