Locating NPI, TIN, and Taxonomy on CMS 1500 and UB 04 Forms


In which field and Loop NPI will get printed CMS 1500 & UB 04 locator

How to submit NPI, TIN and taxonomy on a claim

The information below provides the location for NPI, TIN and Taxonomy on paper and electronic claims. See definitions in the UB-04 Data Specifications Manual.

HIPAA 837P (Professional) Claim Transaction 

Primary identifier                          loop 2010aa, NM109  
Pay-To Provider Federal Tax id  loop 2010aB, NM109  
Referring Physician                      loop 2310a, NM109  
Rendering Physician                    loop 2420a, NM109  

HIPAA 837I (Institutional) Claim Transaction   
Billing Provider Primary id  loop 2010aa, NM109  
Billing Provider Taxonomy  loop 2000a, PRV03  
Billing Provider Secondary id (EiN)  loop 2010aa, REF02  
attending Physician                     loop 2310a, NM109  
Operating Physician       loop 2310B, NM109  

HICF 1500 (08-05) Professional Claim Form   
Referring Provider NPi  Field 17b  
Rendering Provider NPi  Field 24j  
Service Facility location NPi  Field 32a  
Billing Provider NPi             Field 33a  
Billing Provider legacy identifier  Field 33b  

important: Make sure that your claim software supports the revised 1500 claim form (08-05) Reference the 1500 
Reference instruction Manual at nucc org for specific details on completing this form 

UB-04 Paper Institutional Claim Form   

Billing Provider NPi                              locator 56  
Billing Provider Taxonomy code       locator 81  
attending Provider NPi                      locator 76  
Operating Provider NPi                      locator 77  
Other Provider NPi                      locator 78-79